August 30, 2014

Putin "Best not to mess with us" - Or With Nuclear Russia- (VIDEO)

Speaking before a pro-Kremlin youth camp on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his country's armed forces, backed by its nuclear arsenal, were ready to meet any aggression, and underlined that foreign states should understand that “it’s best not to mess with” Russia.
     “Our partners – whatever condition their countries are in and whatever foreign policy concept they adhere to – should understand that it’s better not to mess with us,” Putin said. “Thank God, I believe it doesn’t occur to anyone to unleash a large-scale conflict with Russia.” 
He said that Russia is going to boost its military forces and nuclear deterrence potential.
     “Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear states. It’s not words, it is the reality,” he said. “We are strengthening our nuclear deterrence forces, we are strengthening our armed forces…We are beefing up our potential and will continue doing so.”
This is being done “not to threaten anyone, “but to feel secure,” he added.
     "Russia is not going to get involved in large-scale conflicts"
Russia will not get engaged in any large conflicts, but will defend itself in case of aggression, Putin warned.
     “Russia is far from getting involved any large-scale conflicts. We don’t want that and we are not going to do it. And, naturally, we should always be ready to repel any aggression against Russia,” Putin said. 
Reference - RT
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August 29, 2014

5.7 Earthquake Shakes Peloponnese, Strongly Felt in Athens & Crete

An earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale rocked the southeastern coast of the Peloponnese on Friday morning, at 6:45 a.m. The epicenter was said to be at 120 kilometres (75 miles) east of Sparta and 140 kilometres (87 miles) south of Athens (or between the island of Milos and Sparta).

The jolt was so strong and so long-lasting that it was strongly felt as far as Athens and Crete.

Immediately after the primary quake, an aftershock measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale occurred in the same area.

Until the time of this report, no damages and/or injuries have been reported.

*Story could be updated as more information is released.

August 28, 2014

Aegean Airlines To Add Seven More Aircraft To Its Fleet

Greece's Aegean Airlines signed a firm contract with Airbus for two additional A320ceo aircraft, adding to a previous order for that it had made for five A320s aircraft which was placed in September 2007.

All aircraft, according to a company press release, are going to be equipped with Airbus “Sharklet” fuel saving wing tip devices and set to be powered by IAE V2500 engines. The aircraft are also going to be the first A320s in Aegean’s fleet to feature the enhanced take-off weight capability of up to 78 tonnes, thus enabling the carrier to expand its route network with even longer range operations.

This new order is expected to strengthen the airline’s network that reaches today 205 international routes from its eight Greek bases (scheduled and charter flights), thus supporting tourism in Greece.

It should be noted that Aegean Airlines was named for the fourth year in a row as the Best Regional Airline in Europe at the 2014 World Airline Awards. At present, the company operates an all-Airbus single-aisle fleet of 36 Airbus A320 family aircraft including 17 directly purchased.

Beheading of Foley: Media Spies Put ALL Journalists in Danger

By Wayne Madsen (Global Research) - The increasing tendency of the Central Intelligence Agency and other U.S. intelligence agencies to disregard previous prohibitions against the use of journalists as agents puts every legitimate reporter around the world in jeopardy. The CIA has a checkered past in the use of journalists as intelligence agents. The practice was common in the 1960s and early 70s but was banned by Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. However, when President Ronald Reagan helped reignite the Cold War, the CIA again began using journalists as intelligence agents. The practice put a number of journalists in jeopardy, especially those taken captive by guerrillas groups during the Lebanese civil war. There is nothing to suggest any president since Reagan has discontinued the practice of using journalists as agents.

Intelligence agents operating under journalistic cover can take a number of forms:

- Journalists who openly work for media operations linked officially to past and current CIA operations. These include Radio Free Europe / Radio Free Liberty, Radio Free Asia, Alhurra, Radio Sawa, Radio and TV Marti, and to some extent, the Voice of America.

- Journalists who work for work for accredited news media companies who agree to work covertly for U.S. intelligence. Such journalists have been known to work for The Washington Post, the International Herald Tribune, and President Barack Obama’s one-time employer, Business International Corporation of New York City, publisher of executive business and political newsletters. CIA director Richard Helms had previously worked as a reporter for United Press International.

- Journalists who work for start-up publications linked to the CIA or CIA fronts, including the the Kyiv Post, Cambodia Daily, Burma Daily, Kabul Weekly, and Lidove Noviny of Prague.

- Freelance journalists who become embedded with U.S. military and paramilitary forces and work for one or more media operations having very low profiles.

Journalists working for media operations financed by the U.S. government’s Broadcasting Board of Governors have been known to leave legitimate media organizations, where they have already established strong journalistic credentials and high-level contacts, to join government operations like Radio Free Europe and the others to carry out assignments for U.S. intelligence.

One of the CIA’s favorite nesting grounds for its journalist-agents during the Cold War was the International Herald Tribune, formerly the Paris Herald Tribune, based in Paris. The paper was eventually jointly owned by The Washington Post and New York Times. The managing editor of the Herald Tribune News Service, Nathan Kingsley, left the paper’s Paris headquarters to be the head of Radio Free Europe’s news service in Munich. Kingsley replaced Gene Mater who became the public affairs spokesman for the Free Europe Committee in New York. Radio Free Europe and the Free Europe Committee were both connected to the CIA.

Publisher of the International Herald Tribune John Hay Whitney, a former U.S. ambassador to Britain, was involved in setting up a CIA media operation called Kern House Enterprises, a CIA proprietary firm registered in Delaware. The British branch of Kern House, not surprisingly located at Kern House in London, ran a CIA news service called Forum World Features (FWF), which, in turn, was linked to another CIA front, the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) in Paris. The CCF published, on behalf of the CIA, two periodicals,Encounter and Information Bulletin. FWF sold its news stories to 50 newspapers around the world, including 30 in the United States. FWF, which was established in 1965 and overseen by Kermit Roosevelt, the CIA’s architect of the overthrow of Iran’s democratic government in 1953, also published Conflict Studies, a scholarly journal that was among the first to hype the «threat» of global terrorism in the early 1970s. FWF could tap any of its agents as FWF journalists and send them on assignment. One such agent-journalist was assigned to the CIA station in Bangkok.

For years, the CIA operated the Rome Daily American in Italy. The English-language paper’s editor was a former reporter for the Associated Press. The paper was published by the same press that printed the small Italian-language newspaper representing the views of the Italian Social Democratic Party. The Daily American folded in 1986.

Another newspaper operated by the CIA was the South Pacific Mail,headquartered in Santiago, Chile and operated by CIA agent David Atlee Phillips. The English-language South Pacific Mail was distributed in Chile and several South Pacific nations and territories, from New Zealand and the Samoan isles to the New Hebrides and Tonga. Phillips, who would later be identified as a key facilitator of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, said that he and some 200 other journalists with whom he was familiar eagerly signed secrecy agreements with the CIA upon their recruitment as agents. Among those who signed such agreements was Arthur Hays Sulzberger, the publisher of The New York Times.

Operation Mockingbird was a CIA operation to influence the coverage established news media organizations gave to news events. Included in the CIA news media influence operations were Time magazine, Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek, The Washington Post, The New York Herald-Tribune, Saturday Evening Post, The Miami Herald, The Washington Star,and Copley News Service.

Austin Goodrich was a freelance journalist who wrote for the CIA’s favorite newspaper, the Paris Herald Tribune, CBS News, and the Christian Science Monitor. The Christian Science Monitor has become, over the past six years, an ardent supporter of the Obama administration’s and CIA’s «Responsibility to Protect» (R2P) interventionist foreign policy. Even after Goodrich was identified as a CIA agent he continued working as a journalist in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Bangkok, and West Berlin.

A manifestation of the R2P policy was the CIA’s training and arming of Syrian Islamist rebels who eventually kidnapped U.S. photo-journalist James Foley in 2012. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the group that kidnapped Foley, whose reporting experience included being embedded with U.S. military units in Afghanistan and Iraq and CIA-supported rebels in Libya and Syria, eventually executed him in a gruesome videotaped beheading. But questions remain over whether the CIA’s continued use of journalists as agents and the embedding of journalists with CIA-trained insurgents runs the risk of journalists being mistaken as CIA operatives, especially in war zones.

Stuart Loory, who worked as the New York Herald-Tribune’s correspondent in Moscow in the 1960s before joining the Los Angeles Times and CNN, has said that the CIA’s use of journalists as spies calls into question the status of every journalist. He said, «If even one American overseas carrying a press card is a paid informer for the CIA, then all Americans with those credentials are suspect». Loory emphasized that «journalists must be willing to focus on themselves the same spotlight they so relentlessly train on others».

However, the caution urged by Loory has, in some cases, fallen on deaf ears. In 2012, New York Times reporter Mark Mazzetti forwarded an advance copy of a column written by his colleague, columnist Maureen Dowd, to the CIA’s spokesperson Marie Harf. Dowd’s column concerned a CIA leak to Hollywood that involved the production of a movie called «Zero Dark Thirty». Harf has since been promoted to deputy press secretary for the Department of State where she is undoubtedly still fronting for her old CIA colleagues in spotting willing journalists, particularly foreign correspondents, eager to cooperate with the CIA.

With a number of print publications folding their operations, there has been a mushrooming of web-based news outlets. The Global Post, based in Boston, was able to send freelancer Foley to costly assignments in Libya and Syria. A subscription-based news website, which once only had 400 subscribers, is not only able to send someone like Foley off to cover wars but is able to maintain an international correspondents’ staff of 65 in high-cost cities ranging from Moscow and Jerusalem to Tokyo and Nairobi. Some uncomfortable questions must be asked. For example, from where does Global Post actually receive its funding? And, why does it find it advantageous to embed its freelancers with U.S. military units and CIA-financed Islamist insurgent groups? Looking back over the last 65 years encompassing the CIA’s use of journalists as agents, the answers to these questions become all too apparent.

Tomb At Amphipolis: Video Shows Grandeur of Excavations

A new video was just released capturing the work that is currently underway at Amphipolis in Northern Greece where archaeologists believe that either a high ranking general, Roxanne and Alexander's son Alexander, or even Alexander the Great himself may be buried. The video, which was filmed at a high altitude from the ENA channel, shows the spectacular size and the grandeur of the excavations.

At present, the Culture Ministry says that the archaeologists involved in this operation are placing their focus on the maintenance and protection of the findings. Over the next few days they are expected to secure and preserve all the artifacts that will be unearthed.

Greek Orthodox Archbishop In Gaza Says Rockets Were Fired From Church

Gaza City’s Greek Orthodox church compound, a site that sheltered hundreds of Palestinians who fled their homes during IDF shelling in the area, was used by members of Hamas to launch rockets at Israeli territory, a prominent Christian leader in the Strip said earlier this week.

When the Israeli army expanded its offensive in the Palestinian enclave several weeks ago, Archbishop Alexios of the Saint Porphyrios church made the decision to open the holy site’s doors in a show of interfaith solidarity, offering food, drink and shelter to all Gazans, regardless of their religion.  But now, as both the IDF and Hamas have held their fire for over two days in compliance with an Egypt-brokered 72-hour ceasefire, a frightened Alexios claimed that even with Palestinians crowding the church, Islamist fighters had set up a rocket launching site in the compound, CBN News reported.

Alexios went on to point out to CBN News reporters a roof terrace outside his office where he claimed rocket launchers had been set up. Citing security concerns, the archbishop refused to disclose any further details regarding Hamas activity in the area.

On July 21, five or six Israeli shells slammed into the church compound, as well as a nearby mosque, apparently in response to rocket fire from the site.

Alexios stressed that he did not wish to take sides in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, adding that he only sought to offer help to the people of Gaza, CBN reported.
     “We are disciples of Jesus, we must give love to everyone without condition,” he said. “There’s a lot of anger on the street. We need forgiveness and love to flow,” added Alexios.
Gaza’s once thriving Christian community has dwindled in number to around 1,500, most of them Greek Orthodox, out of a predominantly Sunni Muslim population of over 1.7 million. The Christian community in the Mediterranean seafront city, like their counterparts elsewhere in the Middle East, has been shrinking due to both conflict and unemployment.

Nearly half a million Palestinians out of Gaza’s 1.8 million people were displaced by Israeli bombardment, and many are still sheltering in schools after their homes were flattened in the offensive. Some residential neighborhoods were particularly hard hit by the Israeli army because of the Hamas practice of placing rocket launchers among homes, schools, hospitals and mosques, according to Israeli officials.


Patriarchs Meet With Ambassadors in Beirut With Aim Of Saving Middle East Christians

The Patriarchs of the East and the Ambassadors from diverse nations are scheduled to meet at the Maronite Patriarchate in Bkerke on Thursday, press reports said. The summit is part of efforts by Church leaders to preserve the role of Christians in Iraq, where the Islamic State is crushing minorities forcing hundreds of thousands of people to flee.

The patriarchs are also preparing letters to the major powers of the Western and the Arab worlds to encourage them to preserve the regions' multiculturalism and the presence of Christians.

Last week, Patriarch Rai visited the Christian and Yazidi refugees in Erbil (Kurdistan, see photo) and together with the Chaldean Patriarch Louis Sako have launched appeals to the international community to stop standing idly by watching the massacre unfold.

Even Pope Francis, during his return trip from Seoul said that it is necessary "to stop an unjust aggressor," suggesting a collective action led by the UN. However, according to the Patriarchs, the delay in electing the President of Lebanon, who should be a Christian, is part of this campaign to erase their contribution to Arab society and the Middle East.

More on Asia News

Creeping Into Syria Will Force West To Hang Itself in Ukraine

Tony Cartalucci  (LandDestroyer)  -  The US has claimed it will begin reconnaissance flights over Syria - a tentative first step toward direct military intervention it has sought in attempts to overthrow the Syrian government since 2011. While the US is using the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) as a pretext to carry out these intrusions into Syrian territory, it was the US itself that created and to this day perpetuates ISIS and other extremist militant fronts amid a documented attempt to reorder the entire Middle East.

What is expected to follow is an incremental expansion of US military intervention in eastern Syria that will include further arming and funding of the very terrorist networks it claims it is violating Syria's borders to attack, culminating in eventual military operations carried out against the Syria government itself.

The US' justification for directly intervening in Syria however, only further undermines the very "international norms" it claims to champion, and opens the door for other nations it is menacing to use more direct means to confront its agenda of global military aggression, including along Russia's border with Ukraine.

Untying Russia's Hands 

In CNN's report, "Obama authorizes reconnaissance flights over Syria, U.S. official says," it states:
    In a discussion about whether the United States military would need Syrian government approval to act against ISIS in Syria, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest referenced the assassination of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in May 2011.
    "The President has already demonstrated a willingness, where necessary, to protect the American people, has demonstrated a willingness to use military force to protect the American people, regardless of borders," Earnest said Monday.
By exercising policy "regardless of borders," the US has just hung itself politically in its efforts to protect the newly installed regime in Kiev, Ukraine, and prevent Russia from intervening against what are literally battalions of Neo-Nazi militants operating along Russia's border with Ukraine. Citing the need to "protect the Russian people" resonates clearer in regards to legitimate concerns, considering Ukraine's proximity to Russian territory, than America's claims that a region on the other side of the planet, where one of its citizens voluntarily chose to put himself into harms way by covering an ongoing armed conflict, somehow now requires direct US military intervention.

ISIS is America's Monstrosity

What is perhaps the most troubling aspect of all about America's attempts to begin military intervention in eastern Syria using ISIS as a pretext, is the fact that it and its regional allies including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, created ISIS in the first place to use as a proxy mercenary force for the purpose of overthrowing the government in Syria and confronting pro-Iranian forces across the region from Lebanon to Baghdad. With Syria effectively containing ISIS in eastern Syria and routing them in the more heavily populated regions of western Syria, the West's designs for regime change in Syria appear effectively defeated.

It was predicted, at the onset of ISIS' incursion into northern Iraq, that it would be used as a pretext to effect regime change on both sides of the Syrian-Iraqi border. The West's feigned surprise at the immense funding, armament, and organization of ISIS attempted to create 'distance' between itself and the mercenary force they themselves created.

In a June 2014 NEO Journal article titled, "NATO’s Terror Hordes in Iraq a Pretext for Syria Invasion," it was explicitly predicted that:
    The alleged territorial holdings of ISIS cross over both Syrian and Iraqi borders meaning that any campaign to eradicate them from Iraqi territory can easily spill over into Syria’s borders. And that is exactly the point. With ISIS having ravaged Mosul, Iraq near the Turkish border and moving south in a terror blitzkrieg now threatening the Iraqi capital of Baghdad itself, the Iraqi government is allegedly considering calling for US and/or NATO assistance to break the terror wave. Adding to the pretext, ISIS, defying any sound tactical or strategic thinking, has seized a Turkish consulate in Mosul, taking over 80 Turkish hostages - serendipitous giving Turkey not only a new pretext to invade northern Iraq as it has done many times in pursuit of alleged Kurdish militants, but to invade Syrian territory where ISIS is also based.
The report would also state (emphasis added):
    Invading northern Iraq will allow NATO to then justify cross-border operations into eastern Syria. In reality what NATO will be doing is establishing their long desired “buffer zone” where terrorists can launch attacks deeper and more effectively into Syrian territory. With western Syria returning to peace and order after a series of victories for the Syrian government, the last front NATO’s proxy forces have is Al Qaeda’s arch of terror running along Turkey’s border and now, across eastern Syria and northern Iraq. NATO’s presence in northern Iraq would also provide an obstacle for Iranian-Syrian trade and logistics.
Indeed, the US claims that the Syrian government holds no control and therefor no jurisdiction over its eastern most territories, allowing the US and its partners to invade, occupy, and control the region. Under the pretense of fighting ISIS, the US has already declared it would provide greater funding, arms, and support for "moderates" who would then be able to seek refuge in eastern Syria with absolute impunity from Syrian forces, allowing the West's terrorist proxies to operate deeper and more effectively in territory closer to Damascus.

In reality, these so-called "moderates" demonstrably never existed. The West has so far failed to explain how their funding, arms, training, and aid programs amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars and representing the collective resources of America, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey have somehow been "eclipsed" by ISIS forces. This is of course because the collective resources of the West and its regional allies were intentionally directed into the hands of ISIS and other extremists from the onset of the Syrian conflict.

Order Out of Chaos

By creating ISIS, directing it to this very day, while simultaneously using it as a pretext for direct military intervention, the West sets a dangerous precedent where in any nation that is able to create sufficient chaos within the borders of another nation, can then use this chao to reorder politically and economically any society they will.

What it also does, however, is untie the hands of Russia, who is currently managing a crisis along its borders not of its own creation, but tipped off by the successful US-backed violent overthrow of the elected government of neighboring Ukraine, resulting in a fascist regime coming to power and its subsequent waging of war against Ukrainians who refuse to recognize its illegitimate claim over Kiev.

If the US can invade Syria thousands of miles from its own shores, surely Russia can intervene in Ukraine. As America refers to "international norms" determining what is and isn't acceptable, the "norm" it has established with its creeping intervention in Syria justifies all that it has denounced Russia for allegedly doing in neighboring Ukraine.

The author Tony Cartalucci, is a Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer. He writes for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook” which is commonly featured on LandDestroyer as well as dozens other websites.

August 27, 2014

Greeks Fight Alongside Ukraine's Donetsk People’s Republic

Volunteers from Greece are among the representatives of various nationalities in the ranks of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) indepedence forces, the Athens Courier newspaper reported. According to the newspaper, there is a large community of Greeks in the east of Ukraine, who have suffered as much as other residents of the region and many of them fled for Russia’s Rostov and Kuban regions.
     “Pontic Greeks, who live in Greece, should be concerned with the fate of the Greeks living in Mariupol, which is trapped under the shelling [and other firing] of the Kiev-Lviv punishers,” the paper reported.
It is also noted in the paper that apart from Greeks, two battalions of Serbs and even 25 US citizens are fighting for “traditional human values” alongside militia in southeast Ukraine.

According to earlier reports, within the Vostok Battalion, DPR’s most prominent defense force, are volunteers from Spain, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, Russia and Poland.

The former DPR Prime Minister Alexander Borodai stated on his Facebook webpage that volunteers are especially needed to help residents and for the restoration of infrastructure in the region.

Since mid-April the Ukrainian government has been conducting a military operation in the east of Ukraine to suppress independence supporters who refused to acknowledge the new government that came to power after a coup that took place in Ukraine on February 22.

Thousands of civilians have died as a result of the confrontation. Moscow has repeatedly condemned the operation and urged for a ceasefire to prevent further casualties, sending a humanitarian convoy to war-torn eastern Ukraine, delivering about 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid.

RIA Novosti

MAJOR PROPAGANDA: What do James Foley, Rolf Harris, Greek Radio & Argentina Represent?

To the four subjects headlined above, one could also justifiably add the western media line on Syria’s Bashar Assad, the Ukraine, Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Italian economic statistics, QE aims, Libor rates, gold prices, Hackgate Court verdicts, the Mayor of London’s business arrangements, the ‘saving’ of the Coop, RBS techno-glitches, Non-farm US payroll assumptions, and the application of the term paedophilia to instances where the condition is quite obviously absent. Today the Slog offers a personal view on why the corporatocracy, the security services, the political class, and the media are joined at the hip. This analysis is the preface to an unfolding series over the next few days, says the author.

By John Ward (The Slog) - Once you start to delve further into the Foley beheading saga (as I’ve been doing for the last three days) it turns into a sort of black farce worthy of the Cohen brothers, but with overtones of Len Deighton’s books about espionage – and the sociopathic double-dealing of those who run agents.

When I first went into corporate life some 46 years ago, for some reason I kept on bumping into people who were very good at crosswords or chess – and occasionally both. They always struck me as having bits missing in the insight and emotional parts of the brain: mathematically talented with capacious memories, they nevertheless seemed to me not only otherwise uncreative, but also unaware of the socio-ethical ramifications of their actions.

As I became more senior in the advertising profession, more and more of these people popped up on the client side. My job on the agency side was to advise, caution and rationalise why they should say this or that sort of thing about good brands…and thereby help sell genuinely innovative ads that would cut through the cluttered smoke and mirrors of media communication.

At that time, the multinationalisation of advertising was getting under way. For my sins, I helped sell an agency into that world, and then moved on to work mainly for international agency groups during the autumn of my career.

(In advertising, it’s a bad idea to be around when winter comes… if you have any sense, autumn is the final season: arrange a benefit match, and then GTF out.)

Over the years, my clients became more globally ‘aligned’, and oddly enough, the chilly chess-playing crossword wizards kept on turning up.

There was one at Kodak who was CIA (and everyone knew it, which can’t have been that clever) and another at Gallaher who was an active agent in Northern Ireland – the homeland of the company – at the height of IRA terrorism.

I recall one memorable dinner in Brussels, shortly after the demise of the Soviet Union, at which I was placed next to a senior client whose inability to converse would’ve challenged Oscar Wilde on a good day. This chap also turned out to be a spy: he informed me at the end of a tense meal that he was off to Moscow the following day… to watch a chess championship.

Another (more raucous) business supper in Portugal during 1993 found me in conversation with a crossword fanatic who looked for all the world like the 1950s roué Soviet agent Guy Burgess. He alleged some quite astonishing things about the divided loyalties of George Galloway.

There are two points I’m trying to illustrate in the above: first, the multinational corporatocracy has been used by sovereign security agencies as ‘cover’ forever and a day… if nothing else, it provides a credible excuse for constant travel on either side of the various Great Ideological Divides; and second, there is a very obvious psychographic type engaged in the subterfuge. One can sum that type up in two words: sociopathic dissembler.

Extrapolating from that personal life experience, it has gradually dawned on me this week that this is a multinational corporate/sovereign security agency relationship every bit as unhealthy as that between national politicians, the police and the media. But the bottom line is this: whoever perpetrated the Foley Fake has now muddied the waters and gone to ground: the trail is not so much cold as permanently camouflaged. Conjecture about the past is pointless: careful analysis of current events – and preparation for future stunts – is what the decent citizens of hijacked sovereign States should be about.

Over the next few days, I shall be featuring several examples of how – more often than not – behind every miscarriage of justice lies a thinly-disguised corporate agenda. (And to me, Islamist Jihadism is a corporation as evil as anything the US could produce).

In the meantime, suffice to say that the latest "developments" in the Foley case include reports that a British subject suspected of murdering US journalist James Foley is the son of an alleged Al-Qaeda terrorist who is awaiting trial over the bombing of two US embassies that resulted in the deaths of 224 people (the Daily Telegraph); while on the other side of the Pond, "Father of suspect in Foley beheading was Osama lieutenant" (New York Post).

As these papers are owned respectively by the reclusive Barclay Brothers, and the antimatter formerly known as Rupert Murdoch, I leave you to your own devices in judging their veracity.

My own observation would be that both these long-jump conclusions will suit the US and British security services down to the ground.

Be all that as it may, President Obama vowed ‘justice’ for the killing (by which one suspects he meant ‘revenge’) and then went out to have a golf jolly with his mates.

Ladies Get Ready For The Convertible Shoe - Thanks To Greek Innovation!

Ladies the debate on whether to wear heels or flats is a thing of the past! A few students at the Democritus University in Thrace actually created a convertible high-heel shoe that puts an end to our dilemma on whether or not to wear flats or spiky heels.
     “This product is aimed at making women feel comfortable and elegant,” said Loukas Karakikes, one of the young inventors of the new shoes that include a special mechanism that can turn the high heel into a flat shoe and vice versa. 
According to the sate news agency, the idea came to the young team after looking at the market and women’s daily routines and noticed that women’s lives are very busy.
     “They go to work, they go out for coffee, drinks and entertainment and this requires different outfits and, specifically, different shoes.”
They joined their knowledge and skills and presto... the convertible shoe was invented!

Presently, the students are trying to market their invention and have created SkyWalker, a new company focused on convertible shoes.

Bravo to all three of them.

Schaeuble Says Greece’s rescue program was a "success story"

In an interview with Passauer Neue Presse newspaper, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said that the nations which were in rescue programs have made quite some progress.

Referring to these cases as "success stories", Schaeuble underlined that “Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Greece are in a much better position than was believed up until recently.”

He stressed that there in now almost no talk about the problems in Cyprus while he also pointed out that the policy defended successfully the common currency and the countries that received help are now considered pioneers in implementing structural reforms.

The German Finance Minister underlined that he wasn’t pleased about comments made by France’s former economy minister Arnaud Montebourg on his country’s “obsession” with austerity but that this was a domestic debate in Paris and consequences had been drawn. Keep in mind that French President Francois Hollande ejected Montebourg from his cabinet earlier in this past week.

Schaeuble also told the newspaper that European Central Bank (ECB) chief Mario Draghi had been “overinterpreted” after suggesting that fiscal policy could play a greater role in promoting growth. The comments, made last Friday have been widely seen as a shift of emphasis towards support for greater fiscal stimulus over austerity.
     “I know Mario Draghi very well, I think he is being overinterpreted,” Schaeuble told the paper, adding that he respected the independence of the central banker.

Source : Deutsche Welle

Univ. of Crete Analyzes New Test That Might Predict Premature Birth

Testing for the presence of specific molecules present in the urine of pregnant women can give an indication in early pregnancy of whether a baby will be born premature or the fetus will suffer poor growth, according to research published in the open access journal BMC Medicine. Identifying these conditions early in pregnancy could potentially help reduce complications and manage any difficulties, although more work is needed before the findings can be translated to clinical settings.

Researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Crete analyzed the metabolites - small molecules excreted in urine - of 438 pregnant women in the Rhea cohort. They found that elevated urinary levels of the amino acid lysine were associated with spontaneous premature birth. In contrast, increased levels of a N-acetylated glycoprotein – a molecule consisting of a carbohydrate and a protein - tended to be found in women who had to be induced early. Decreased levels of a third group of molecules: acetate, formate, tyrosine and trimethylamine were associated with poor fetal development. Women with decreased levels of these urine metabolites also showed signs of an increased risk of diabetes, such as higher blood insulin.

The Rhea cohort is a large population case-control mother-child study that started in Crete in 2007. Urine samples were collected early in pregnancy at the first ultrasound appointment. Preterm birth and fetal growth restriction has been shown to increase the chance of developing metabolic and cardiovascular disorders later in life.

Hector Keun, lead researcher from the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College London, says: "While we know that metabolism in the mother changes substantially during pregnancy to help supply the growing fetus with nutrients, we were surprised to see so early in pregnancy a link between metabolites that we could easily detect in a urine sample and low birthweight. Our findings imply that it could be possible to improve the identification of women at higher risk of delivering smaller babies or premature delivery using non-invasive metabolic profiling technology early in pregnancy."

Further research needs to focus on whether changes in these metabolites are induced by pregnancy or indicate an underlying risk factor. It also remains to be seen if these results can be applied to a wider population and more research is needed before any such test could be used in practice.

Hector Keun says: "Future investigation of the factors that produce the molecules associated with these pregnancy outcomes should improve our understanding of the genetic and environmental factors that influence restricted fetal growth and thus help us to reduce the likelihood of these events. We will also go on to test if exposure to these metabolites during pregnancy has a lasting impact on child development after birth."

OPINION - ISIS: Foley beheading a windfall for Rendon Media Group

Seth Ferris (New Eastern Outlook) - There have been predictable howls of outrage at the beheading of 40-year old journalist James Foley in Syria in retaliation for US air support to those fighting ISIS in Iraq. It is of course right to be angry about such a barbaric and inhuman murder. However there would be even more outrage if the real story behind it were widely known.

Foley was no ordinary hack. He was once embedded with the US Army in Afghanistan, ostensibly paid to provide reports. CNN’s reports of his murder signally overlooked his tour of duty there. Knowing how CNN manufactures the stories which suit it through selective use of facts and factoids, this in itself raises suspicion about what Foley was really doing in Syria and whether he was working as a freelance journalist or on “special assignment” when he initially went missing two years ago.

Foley grew up in New Hampshire and was originally a teacher, at one point teaching prison inmates in Arizona, before attending the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. After graduation, his first assignment was with the U.S. Army’s 173rd Brigade and 101st Airborne Division in Afghanistan. Foley was covering the Syrian civil war for GlobalPost and Agence France-Presse (AFP) when he was allegedly pulled from the car he was traveling in and abducted at gunpoint.

Several years ago U.S. officials in Afghanistan acknowledged in the US Military’s “Stars and Stripes” newspaper that any reporter seeking to embed with U.S. forces, as Foley did, is subject to a full background check by The Rendon Group. This organisation gained notoriety in the run-up to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq for its work in helping to create the Iraqi National Congress and topple the Saddam regime. The Iraqi National Congress, reportedly funded by the CIA, furnished much of the false information about Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction which was used by the Bush administration to justify the invasion.

Before going to Afghanistan Foley must have been screened by The Rendon Group to determine whether his past coverage had portrayed the U.S. military or foreign policy in a sufficiently positive light. As Foley had not long graduated after his mid-life career change it is unclear whether he had written enough articles to provide a basis for making such a judgment. Therefore it is very likely that he actually volunteered to do intelligence work, without realising the consequences.

Rendon unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s

The Rendon Group is proud of its ability to sell a war. The claims about Iraq’s supposed nuclear and biological weapons programme and links to terrorist groups were untrue, we now know, and such a professional media organisation, contracted to The Pentagon, must have known this at the time. But it was there when the Government of Kuwait and the CIA needed to get its message across.

The Group presents itself as purely a communications body. Its website says, “For nearly three decades, The Rendon Group has been providing innovative global strategic communications solutions from our headquarters in Washington, DC. TRG utilizes state-of-the-art technology as well as traditional public relations tools, assisting leading commercial, government and military organizations.”

But it has always gone beyond that limited remit. John Rendon, its owner, gives us an insight into its greater plans for the region in his Twitter feed. For instance, “There are signs of a potential breakthrough between Turkey & the PKK (#Kurds) in the aftermath of Erdogan’s presidential victory” and “In a message to the West (Europe), Turkey sees no impediments to trade with Russia.”

It is now known that the training, arming and insertion of ISIS was the sort of CIA special operation the Rendon Group has always provided PR support for. William Engdahl, an award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant, has described how the appearance of ISIS in Iraq stinks of a CIA/NATO ‘dirty war’ op.

It is not coincidental that the ISIS military success in the key Iraqi oil centre, Mosul, came at a time when political winds in Turkey are not blowing in the favour of the United States. Well-informed Iraqi journalists say that ISIS overran Mosul with barely a shot being fired. According to one report, residents of Tikrit have reported that “soldiers were handing over their weapons and uniforms peacefully to militants who ordinarily would have been expected to kill government soldiers on the spot.”

The US Embassy was involved in the smuggling Umar al Shishani, the red-headed ISIS commander, from the Pankisi Gorge region of Georgia to Turkey and then Syria. Various former US ambassadors to Georgia, especially John Bass, John Tefft and Richard Miles, have been involved in getting the region to where it is now by ensuring that the US and CIA trained all the “freedom fighters” and terrorists running rampant there through aid programmes implemented in Georgia.

So the US has manufactured a war which needs the oxygen of ongoing publicity to continue being supported. ISIS is doing its best to provide that publicity on its own, but so many indiscriminate killings have jaded the public. If people feel there is nothing that can be done to help the victims of ISIS they will not support a continuing war. A nice beheading of an innocent journalist focuses attention very conveniently however, though it is doubtful that being murdered to order was part of any contract Foley signed with the US military.

Out of the manual

The Rendon Group has worked closely with a British partner, Hill and Knowlton. This company was responsible for the 1990 Kuwaiti incubator media scam, which claimed that Kuwaiti babies were being removed from incubators by Iraqi forces. This was another totally fabricated news story which was used to get Congressional approval for the 1991 Gulf War. The Group seems to be following the same manual in Iraq, but unfortunately its activities are not limited to fabricating words on paper.

James Bamford of Rolling Stone has reminded his readers of the terrible story of Private Jessica Lynch. “It shocked the United States: she walked into an ambush and fought like a lioness. There was even a movie made about the incident.” But he also reminds us that this was another Rendon Group story. Lynch herself has spent the years since her release from captivity telling the much more banal truth of what happened to her and slamming her use in a fabricated story as a propaganda symbol.

It is conceivable that the US military did not know that she was walking into an ambush but it probably should have. She was not slapped by an Iraqi colonel in the hospital, as the source of that story claimed, nor was his wife working at the hospital as he also alleged. She was not raped, as reported, and nor did she have gunshot or stab wounds, as reported: her injuries derived from a car accident. Nevertheless she became a cause celebre, without her consent then or now, on the basis of these factoids.

The difference is that Lynch has survived and is telling the world how she was used. Foley has not been given this opportunity. Maybe he knew too much already, maybe he was trying to actually become a journalist instead of primarily an intelligence operative. But now we will never know.

Jessica Lynch’s father has said that the Army recruiter he encountered did not lie to the kids. One wonders what Foley was told when he was recruited, and whether he ever understood what his real mission would end up being.

Extreme but true

So have the US military, the CIA and The Rendon Group deliberately sent one of their own to be murdered to sell a war? Until they can answer the questions the mainstream media won’t ask this will remain a possible explanation.

What sort of screening was done on Foley and how was it determined that his previous articles were acceptable? If The Rendon Group, with a track record of manufacturing fake stories to serve propaganda purposes, did this screening what were they really looking for? Was Foley doing nothing but report news stories which suited the purposes of the US, which would not have let him embed with the forces otherwise, or was he also doing other work which suited US purposes, whatever that may have been?

The murder has had the desired effect. “The entire world is appalled” by ISIS’s slaughter of American journalist James Foley, a visibly angry President Obama said during a press conference at Marttha’s Vineyard. “No just God would stand for what they did yesterday or every single day. People like this ultimately fail. They fail because the future’s won by those who build and not destroy. The world is shaped by people like Jim Foley.”

Foley is not the only beheading victim. At this moment ISIS is beheading Christians in the territories it occupies. The same President Obama has been urged to rescue these Christians or provide them with shelter at the very least. He has done neither so far. Apparently these Christians, people driven from their homes and persecuted for their faith rather than people who volunteered for intelligence work, are not shaping the world when they have more reason to be.

Nor was Foley beheaded by any random jihadist group. Apparently these were British people who had gone overseas to fight the infidel. The UK police have long sought to combat the radicalisation of young Moslems and asked community organisations top help them put concrete measures in place to prevent this happening. Yet the difference in funding available for this activity, as opposed to that spent bringing radical preachers into the UK and removing genuine Moslem ones, has stopped these activities in their tracks.

In the final analysis the brutal murder of James Foley gives the US what it needs most, a rallying point to reassert the use of US forces in the region, especially Northern Iraq. The deaths of ordinary civilians at the hands of this US-inserted group have failed to do this. A number of questions need to be asked about this atrocity. However this whole sickening charade, and who has played which part in it, answers the question we all ask daily: “what is wrong with the world today?”

The author Seth Ferris is an investigative journalist and political scientist, as well as an expert on Middle Eastern affairs. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

August 26, 2014

BUSTED - EYP Identifies Islamists in Greece That Communicated with the Caliphate In Secret Operation

According to Petros Kasimatis from HellasForce, the "hawks" of Greece's National Intelligence Agency have been in crosshairs recently with Iraqi Jihadists because they have been tapping into their conversations via satellite for the benefit of their allied forces. The wiretappings, which were part of a classified operation, were also conducted for Western intelligence agencies, and officials who are concerned about the ongoing developments in the Middle East.

The surveillance, says Kasimatis, was conducted from the Ministry of Order on Katehaki Street and according to the him covered an area that reached as far as Kazakhstan.

The wiretappings, he notes, provide officials with specific information (such as espionage and counter-terrorism data) and cover NATO areas that have been designated as being unsafe.

He claims that the operation, which was confidential for all intent and purposes, apparently yielded significant results and the evidence that has been gathered by Greek officials is apparently fundamental.

Who would of ever imagined that from the top floors of the Katehaki building Greeks cunningly intercepted the calls of Turkish Asians and jihadists? (It might sound incredible, but they did). Think about it. Who could ever believe that Greek officials were involved in such an important and effective national operation from the rooftop of the Ministry of Public Order? (No one we bet!)

The evidence that was gathered by Greek intelligence officials, points out the author, is not only impressive but it has allowed KYP to somehow "frame" Turkish speaking Asians and Muslims who have their own reasons -and intent- to conspire against our own country as well.

Over the next few days, the author pledged to publish various elements that were used by the Hellenic Police in a series of operations from the evidence that was gathered by EYP via these wiretappings, and of course HellasFrappe promises to follow his revelations and present the information as it is released.

There are very few times we commend our officials, but this time the commander of the secret service Mr. Th.Dravillas, our political elite and all other relevant officials involved in this case should be applauded for doing such a great job! If this operation helps to keep our nation safer then bravo to them once more!

From Petros Kasimatis
Original article in Greek - hellasforce
Translation - HellaFrappe Team

Conspiracy or Truth - ISIS (Fake) Beheading - Russia Stunned Because US Wants To Justify New Middle Eastern WAR


A wide ranging Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that Russian diplomats at the United Nations (UN) this past week were “stunned” after the Obama regime refused to intervene with Saudi Arabia to stop the horrifying beheadings of 19 people during the past fortnight, while at the same time using the “fake” beheading of an American reporter to justify a new Middle Eastern war.

According to this report, during one of last weeks UN Security Council meetings, of which the Federation and the US are permanent members of, Russian diplomats attempted to put on the “agenda for immediate consideration” a number of resolutions which included:

1.) An immediate ceasefire in the Israeli-Gaza conflict;

2.) An immediate order to Ukraine to turn over all evidence and materials related to the Malaysian Airline disaster;

3.) An immediate ceasefire in the Ukrainian conflict for humanitarian reasons; and

4.) An immediate resolution calling on Saudi Arabia to immediately halt its barbaric beheading of nominally innocent peoples.

Most astoundingly, this report continues, the Obama regime blocked all of these proposed resolutions by forbidding any of them to be discussed in either open or closed sessions leading to a sharp rebuke from the MoFA which, in part, stated:
     “If the US opposes an absolutely non-confrontational, reconciliatory text, there can be no doubts that Washington intends to have the armed confrontation in Ukraine [and other regions] continued. It could be seen only as an attempt to ‘undermine’ humanitarian mission(s).
     Cynical disregard for the fate of civilians and 'couldn't care less' attitude toward the international humanitarian law when it comes to geopolitical interests, becomes the core of the policy of the United States and its European satellites…
     More and more questions are being raised about the ability of the current US administration to participate in the development of realistic and pragmatic approaches to international problems, to adequately assess the situation in the various regions of the world.”
Cited as an example of the Obama regimes “cynical disregard for the fate of civilians and ‘couldn't care less' attitude toward the international humanitarian law when it comes to geopolitical interests”, this report details, was the fate of 19 human beings beheaded by Saudi Arabia since August 4th, eight of whom were executed for nonviolent offenses, seven for drug smuggling and one for sorcery, none of whom the US (or its EU allies) would defend.

Important to note, this report continues, is that the Obama regimes failure to stop the beheadings of these 19 human beings this past fortnight follows their actions this past June when they allowed the beheading executions of 175 homosexual men and women in Saudi Arabia, an action which, likewise, stunned the MoFA.

Most outrageous about the Obama regime in regards to these beheadings however, MoFA experts in this report note, was at the exact same time Saudi Arabia was carrying them out, the US and its EU allies were decrying the “alleged” beheading of an American freelance journalist and photojournalist named James Foley by Islamic State (IS) [commonly referred to by Western media sources as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)] forces in Syria.

Although this report doesn’t provide any evidence relating to the true cause of Foley’s death, it does note that many independent analysts in the US have concluded that his beheading video was “faked”, and as one such analysis points out:

1.) The knife his captor uses could no more sever a head than my little finger could punch a hole in the Hoover Dam. It is far too small….and far too small to have produced the cleanly-guillotined appearance of head and body at the end of the film.

2.) The universally advertised ‘gruesome gore’ has been hugely overdone by the media. There is no blood at all in the movie action…and that’s precisely when the director cuts. But I don’t believe the knifeman cuts anything.

3.) We see (very briefly) knifeman sawing away at Mr Foley’s neck – but zero blood. That is medically impossible: when you sever the left and right common carotid arteries, the spray of huge volumes of blood is quite incredible. That’s probably why we cut to a still of head and body at the end.

4.) If James Foley has been beheaded (and the closing still shot looks real enough to me) then he certainly was not killed at the spot and with that implement. Again, there simply isn’t enough blood.

Not just independent US analysts have come to that conclusion either, and as we can further read, in part, as reported by the Infowars News Service:
     Confirming Infowars’ analysis on Thursday, British forensic experts have concluded that the ISIS beheading video involving James Foley was in all likelihood staged using “camera trickery and slick post-production techniques.
     An international forensic science company which does work for police forces across Britain found that, “James Foley’s execution may have been staged, with the actual murder taking place off-camera,” reports the Telegraph.
     The experts noted that despite Foley’s executioner appearing to draw a knife across the neck area at least six times, no blood is seen. The video itself does not show the actual beheading, merely a still image which purports to show Foley’s decapitated head resting on his body.
As to why the Obama regime would ignore Saudi Arabia’s brutal beheadings of 19 human beings, while at the same time using Foley’s “alleged” beheading as a justification for war, MoFA experts in this report grimly note, can be explained by simply looking at two maps:

1.) The proposed Saudi-Qatar natural gas pipeline through Iraq and Syria to be built by British Petroleum (BP) [photo above]; and

2.) The area controlled by IS forces in Iraq and Syria [photo bottom left], which “amazingly” are nearly identical.

In fact, according to former French foreign minister Roland Dumas, Britain had planned covert action in Syria as early as 2009 to secure the path for this pipeline: “I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business”, he told French television: “I met with top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria. This was in Britain not in America. Britain was preparing gunmen to invade Syria.”

This MoFA report further notes that the strategy currently at play was candidly described in a 2008 US Army-funded RAND report opposed by Obama, but supported by Britain titled: Unfolding the Future of the Long War which noted that “the economies of the industrialized states will continue to rely heavily on oil, thus making it a strategically important resource.” As most oil will be produced in the Middle East, the US has “motive for maintaining stability in and good relations with Middle Eastern states”:
     “The geographic area of proven oil reserves coincides with the power base of much of the Salafi-jihadist network. This creates a linkage between oil supplies and the long war that is not easily broken or simply characterized... For the foreseeable future, world oil production growth and total output will be dominated by Persian Gulf resources... The region will therefore remain a strategic priority, and this priority will interact strongly with that of prosecuting the long war.
In this context, the report identified several potential trajectories for regional policy focused on protecting access to Gulf oil supplies, among which the following are most salient:
     “Divide and Rule focuses on exploiting fault lines between the various Salafi-jihadist groups to turn them against each other and dissipate their energy on internal conflicts. This strategy relies heavily on covert action, information operations (IO), unconventional warfare, and support to indigenous security forces... the United States and its local allies could use the nationalist jihadists to launch proxy IO campaigns to discredit the transnational jihadists in the eyes of the local populace... US leaders could also choose to capitalize on the 'Sustained Shia-Sunni Conflict' trajectory by taking the side of the conservative Sunni regimes against Shiite empowerment movements in the Muslim world.... possibly supporting authoritative Sunni governments against a continuingly hostile Iran.
Most perplexing to MoFA analysts contributing to this report is if Obama is even in control of his own government, or if the US is simply being used by the British to further their Middle Eastern aims utilizing America power through its military forces and intelligence agencies whose interests appear to align closer to the UK than their own President.

Though not conclusive, this report does grimly note that IS forces currently operating in Iraq and Syria are being funded by the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel and that the American agenda towards another Middle Eastern war is increasingly being “masterminded” by the US media…one of whose major outlets, NBC News, has been taken over by UK intelligence operative John Toker, who currently is the Director of Communications for Security and Intelligence for the British government, and whose British journalist wife, Deborah Turness, is now President of NBC News.

And to the British governments true feelings towards Obama, this MoFA report concludes, was seen this past weekend when the British Embassy in Washington D.C. held a “White House Barbeque” to celebrate the 24 August 1814 burning of the White House and Capitol during the War of 1812 by British forces…one of the worst attacks against America and its citizens in its entire history.


"America Frightens Us" - Is European Mood Changing Because Of The Crisis In The Ukraine?

By Roman Baudzus - In the aftermath of the downing of the Malaysian airliner in Ukraine, the Western media followed Washington’s lead and manipulated reports in order to make Europeans believe that Russia and Russian-supported separatists in eastern Ukraine were responsible for downing the airliner. In Germany, the press was an extension of Washington’s propaganda machine despite the lack of evidence from both Washington and Kiev to support their irresponsible claims.

It was not long, however, before the public mood in Europe began to turn. A pivotal factor was openly voiced U.S. threats in a law that had been passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate of the U.S. Congress that could eventually result in an invasion of the Netherlands by United States army forces.

When this was learned outrage was expressed not only within the Dutch government, but also among the population of the country. According to the law, if it should ever happen that American citizens are brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and accused at The Hague, Washington would exercise the preemptive right to invade the country in order to prevent prosecution.

Remember that Malaysia’s government had permitted a tribunal in 2011, whose judges in the tradition of British court proceedings condemned both George W. Bush and Tony Blair as war criminals.

Some Europeans are asking if there could be a connection between the ruling of this tribunal and the loss of two Malaysian airliners.

In addition, alert and intelligent Europeans have caught on to Washington’s campaign to demonize Russia. A Dutch group of professors sent an open letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin on August 12 in which the signatories officially apologized for the propaganda lies sprewed by Western media.

The former “quality media” in Europe have lost the confidence of readers. A growing number of Europeans relying on Internet sites such as are quite well informed about the propagandistic nature of the Western mainstream media.

The chart recently published by a leading German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) indicates that for one reason or the other, Germans have turned away from German newspapers. The cumulative sales of German newspapers reached their climax back in the year 1983 – with a circulation of 30.1 million copies.

Ever since, things have been deteriorating. In 2013, the circulation shrank to only 17.3 million sold copies – a significant decline of 42.5%, which really hurts many publishers. Persistent cost-reduction programs, massive job cuts and the demise of daily newspapers such as the Financial Times Deutschland are the consequence of newspapers in vassalage to Washington. Many excuses are made for the decline, but the real reason is that German newspapers no longer take their readers seriously

Germans wonder why their reunited country is still occupied by US troops 69 years after the end of World War II, why their country has no foreign policy independent of Washington, and why the German media provides no public discussion of these highly unusual characteristics of an allegedly sovereign state.

During the last several years the media’s propagandistic character has led to massive resistance among newspaper readers, especially in Germany. You only have to take a look at the comments published on Internet sites of the mainstream media to see angry and disappointed readers turn away from their once favorite newspapers that are accused of actively participating in Washington´s propaganda campaign. Readers see propaganda instead of investigative journalism. In place of evidence and honest reports, there are insinuations and ridiculous accusations. The German newspaper Die Welt even blamed the outbreak of the ebola virus on Russia!

Given the danger of Washington pushing Europe into war with Russia, one can be glad that so many Europeans see through the perfidious propaganda lies spread by the mainstream media. Internet sites now perform the role abandoned by newspapers. These mainly independent internet media refer to themselves as alternative media, which have the goal to provide objective and truthful information in place of propaganda.

Some of the large German newspapers destroyed what little credibility they had left when they used social media to spread their claim that the negative comments on their websites were written by people on the payroll of Vladimir Putin. One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry over this grotesque assertion.

The unanswered question is why does German mainstream media serve Washington instead of Germany? Does Washington pay well for propaganda services?

If we now come to the recent events in Ferguson, these incidents made us realize that the U.S. police state is not just on the rise, but is already in place! Scenes on TV and Internet videos of brutal militarized police equipped for battlefield combat applying extreme violence to protesters and journalists alike has raised the question in Europe whether America is a democracy or a police state. The continuing American massacre of people in the Middle East, together with Washington’s support for Israel’s massacre of Palestinians and now the massacre of Russians in eastern and southern Ukraine by the government that Washington installed in Kiev have changed the image of America from white hat to black hat. America no longer reassures us; America frightens us.

In a recent story Die Welt journalist Ansgar Graw wrote:
     “The day when the U.S. police became my enemy.”
Even Washington’s German media vassals reporting for Die Welt have now experienced firsthand the full brunt of American police violence.



German journalists who have been living in the United States for 15 years are telling their readers that they have come to the decision to leave the US. They report that things have changed for the worse in the “land of the free” since 9/11, and that they were threatened, handcuffed and arrested for covering the protests in Ferguson.

The policeman who killed the 18-year old black man set off protests, the response to which opened the world’s eyes to the transformation of America into a police state. A country whose military bases occupy much of the world in the name of human rights and freedom, a country that violently interferes in internal affairs of sovereign nations and fights wars at its leisure is now perceived as waging war against its own oppressed propulation. By arrogantly exempting itself from the standards it applies to everyone else, the US has destroyed its credibility.

Now the Dutch wait for the appearance of US troops to show up at the Hague should international law ever be applied to Washington’s war criminals. As one German magazine put it recently, “with friends like America, we don’t need enemies.”

Cashkurs and
Roman Baudzus is co-founder of German finance and economics blog “wirtschaftsfacts.”
Article: Via Global Research 

FINALLY JUSTICE - Council of State compensates relatives of Yakovlev 42 & Express Samina

The Council of State with two decisions gave the green light to provide compensation to relatives of Yakovlev 42 which crashed into the Pieria mountain on December 19, 1997 and "Express Samina" ferryboat which sank in Paros, Cyclades, in September 2000.

Some of the relatives of the victims had sought compensation for mental anguish caused by the death of their relatives from the Greek State. For some of the relatives, Justice ruled definitively and irrevocably, 17 years after the incident, that they are entitled to receive compensation.

More specifically, the Board of Appeal of Thessaloniki awarded a 90,873 euro compensation for pain and suffering to the parents and two siblings of one of the passengers of the fatal aircraft, a report from the sate news agency said.

The Council of State also awarded a compensation to a person who had lost her grandfather and grandmother in "Express Samina" shipwreck.


In December 1997 a Ukrainian Yak-42 crashed into a mountain in Greece, while performing a missed approach out of Thessaloniki airport's Runway 16. The flight was being flown as VV241 (Aerosvit airlines), but was operated by a Lviv Airlines (although the aircraft had "Tiger Air" painted on it) aircraft. The Yak-42 was chartered after the Aerosvit 737-200, that was originally slated to perform the flight, reportedly broke down in Odessa, Ukraine. (source - Airliners)

The airplane did not follow the published missed ILS approach procedure and headed West-Southwest, flying into the side of Mount Pente Pigadia at 3300 feet.

The wreckage was found at 10:30, December 20. A Greek Air Force Lockheed Hercules, which was being used in the search, crashed near Athens, killing all 5 on board.

On October 6, 2000 a trial began with two air traffic controller being accused of many counts of manslaughter and of violating the transportation regulations. They were sentenced to five years imprisonment. In December 2002 a Thessaloniki appeals court reduced the sentences of two air traffic controllers to four years and four months each.

Probable Cause: "The aircraft deviated because the crew did not: adequately plan and execute the missed approach; utilize the Macedonia Airport radio-navigational aids; declare an emergency when they lost orientation; maintain cockpit discipline." Source - AVIATION

The Controversy Surrounding The Crash

All that seems clear from the usual Internet sources is that: the crew of the Yak-42 (UR-42334) did not follow the proper missed approach procedure, they climbed to the right altitude but instead of turning around about 180 degrees and heading to a hold north of the field, they turned WSW and flew in that direction for 35-40 miles (i.e. for at least 10 minutes) in bad visibility until they hit a mountain.

There has been much legal action, and some murky business that came to light in the aftermath of the crash. Aerosvit clearly had an unfairly strong influence on the aviation and legal authorities in their home country.

Also, two air traffic controllers were put on trial in Greece around 2000 in connection with the accident. (source - Airliners)


On the evening on Tuesday 26 September 2000, MS Express Samina left the port of Piraeus with 473 passengers and 61 crew members. At 22:12, 2 nmi off the port of Parikia, Paros, the ship hit the reef of Portes islets at 18 knots. The wind at the time was 8 on the Beaufort scale. The ship sunk near there at 23:02, resulting in the deaths of 82 people from a total of 533 on board.

The first responders to the distress call were fishing boats from the nearby port, followed by the port authorities and British ships, in the area due to a NATO exercise. The fact that some of the crew did not help the passengers evacuate the sinking ferry contributed to the death toll.

Probable Cause: The crew placed the ship on autopilot and did not have a crew member watch the ship. Even with autopilot on, standard practice calls for one crew member to watch the controls, for example to avoid collisions with other vessels. The crew deployed the fin stabilizers system to decrease the motions in bad weather; normally both stabilizer fins deployed, but in this case the port stabilizer fin did not deploy. This caused the ship to drift and therefore not travel in a straight line. A crew member discovered the problem and, at the last minute, tried to steer the ship to port. This action occurred too late. At 10:12 P.M. the ship struck the east face of the taller Portes pinnacle. The rocks tore a six-meter long and one-meter wide hole above the water line. After that impact, the rocks bent the stabilizer fin backwards, and the fin cut through the hull through the side, below the waterline, and next to the engine room. The water from the three-meter gash destroyed the main generators and ended electrical power. Professor David Molyneaux, a ship safety expert, said that the damage sustained by the MS Express Samina should not normally sink such a ship. The ship sank because nine of the ship's eleven watertight compartment doors were open when safety laws require ship operators to close and lock the safety doors. The water spread beyond the engine room, and due to a lack of power the operators could not remotely shut the doors. Molyneaux described the open watertight doors as the most significant aspect of the sinking. Source - Wikipedia

Why The Case Of Samina Became Political

When the Express Samina tragedy occurred the spotlight quickly turned to Greece's ageing ferry fleet, which transports millions of people a year.

At the time, Costas Karamanlis who was heading the main opposition New Democracy party accused the PASOK socialist government of Costas Simitis of being too close to Greece's shipping companies and at the same time questioned how it had awarded operating licences to these companies knowing very well that their fleets were too old. Karamanlis had even alleged that profit had been allowed to stand in front of safety, (and with PASOK in power at the time, he was spot on).

This sparked a wide controversy and in an attempt to shore up the credibility of the passenger fleet, Simitis' government suspended the operating licences of more than 60 Greek ferry companies that were pending safety upgrades.(Most of course returned to service soon after this). The carelessness of the Simitis government, and especially of PASOK, in handling this situation and in placing profit above safety should certainly be slammed.

Thankfully Simitis and his clan are not in power any longer, and Greek ferry companies have since then massively upgraded their fleets.

Bacteria from US Now Threatening Mediterranean Olive Trees & Possible Vineyards

Surfing the web on Tuesday HellasFrappe uncovered a very disturbing story about a harmful bacteria which is threatening centuries-old olive trees in Italy. The reasons we decided to publish this story are obvious. According to the author, Vladimir Platov, a Middle East expert for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”, the pathogen not only damages olive trees, but also a number of grape varieties such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This fact alone should sound an alarm to all the nations in Southern Europe (and all wine producers in the entire Mediterranean) because the epidemic could possibly spread to their vineyards. Greece relies heavily on its olive oil (and wine) production and hosts some of the rarest and oldest olive (grape) varieties and groves in the world. We want to know what Brussels is doing about this, and what the plan of action is, because according to the author Mediterranean farmers are also trying to figure out why the United States, actively developing its biological defense system (BDS) on its own territory and abroad, failed to timely localize the spreading of this epidemic, since, to some extent, the US bears responsibility for allowing the epidemic to spread beyond its borders. Previously, the bacterium was only confined on the American continent.

Vladimir Platov, Middle East expert, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Very disturbing information has emerged recently in several foreign news outlets: the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa is threatening to destroy the centuries-old olive trees in Italy. According to The Daily Mail newspaper, the microbe, which was previously located only in America, has already infected 800,000 olive trees in the municipality of Salento, located in the Italian province of Apulia.

The province produces more than a third of the national harvest of olives, i.e. about 11 million tons of olives per year. The produced varieties of olive oil in Apulia are among the best in the world. The epidemic has already cost the producers nearly 250 million Euros and it is expected that losses will only continue to increase. As noted by Angelo Corsetti, the representative of the Italian agricultural organization Coldiretti, the Italian olive oil producers now need to create a sanitary zone covering an area of 8,000 hectares, where olive trees will have to be destroyed.

Concern about the spreading of the Xylella fastidiosa epidemic is also being expressed by olive oil producers in other Mediterranean countries: by Southern European countries (particularly in Greece, Spain and France), North African countries (Tunisia and Morocco) and Middle East states, where the cultivation of olive trees is a centuries-old tradition and remains the foundation of agricultural production.

According to experts, the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa of the class Gammaproteobacteria is a serious pathogen of plants and earlier was never located in the Mediterranean area, coming there from America. It is located in 30 US states, mainly Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Texas, Virginia and several other states.

According to US experts, the pathogen attacks not only olive trees, but also a number of grape varieties such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This fact has already caused increasing concern on the part of wine producers in the entire Mediterranean, afraid that the epidemic will spread to their vineyards.

In addition, a very dangerous situation involving the spreading of the Xylella fastidiosa bacterium has developed in the banana market. The banana fungus epidemic has already ruined plantations in Southeast Asia and is now spreading to the Middle East and Africa, threatening the global banana market. Affected is the root system of banana trees of the Cavendish variety, which accounts for 95% of global exports. Traces of the disease have been discovered in Latin America, Jordan and Mozambique.

According to the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO), the first indications of the olive tree epidemic appeared in southern Italy in mid-October 2013, when a member of the general public posted a message about this on his Facebook page. Several independent sources have pointed out that the Xylella fastidiosa bacteria were brought to Europe from the USA through imported vines and the German corporation BAYER has even created a computer code for the bacterium: XYLEFA.

In such circumstances, European farmers are wondering why the EU authorities did not take timely action to prevent and localize the Xylella fastidiosa epidemic. Why were they, as of late carried away by political games and sanction policies in line with the anti-Russian policy in Washington, not concerned about the domestic problems of European farmers and why did they not impose tougher quarantine policies for agricultural products contaminated with the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa?

As a result the financial losses from this epidemic are only increasing. European observers are under the impression that no one is carrying out a thorough investigation on how the EU contamination of agricultural products began by the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa, and who should be responsible for the blunders. Under present conditions, only food speculators are raising prices and rubbing their hands.

Experts and farmers of the Mediterranean are also trying to figure out why the United States, actively developing its biological defense system (BDS) on its own territory and abroad, failed to timely localize the spreading of the epidemic, since, to some extent, the US bears responsibility for allowing the epidemic to spread beyond its borders. Previously, the bacterium was located only on the American continent.

By constantly expanding the BDS, the United States is actively connecting new states to the program and in 2012 alone spent more than 60 million dollars for these purposes.

In recent years, the White House has engaged several countries to the program, which involves several hundred Pentagon created biological laboratories located abroad; the countries include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, India, Iraq, Tanzania, South Africa, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The people of these countries cooperating with the United States under the BSO program are not being informed of the Pentagon’s secret projects in this field. Work under the BDS program is carried out with the active participation of the Pentagon and American intelligence services. And the result, as is the case with the spreading of the Xylella fastidiosa bacterium, makes you wonder about the genuine goals and directions of the BDS program implemented by the US government and paid for by American taxpayers.

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